Serving NE Oregon


Born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon, and graduated Pendleton High School, I have always been very connected to the area.  Architectural design and construction have been a passion of mine since childhood, as my father was a local carpenter. Over the past 30 plus years, I have designed & remodeled several homes, as well as assisted with several other projects.  My professional career has been mostly in sales and customer service, where assisting customers in getting or achieving exactly what they need, has always been my priority.  
Mark D. Townsend - Owner


From the first box of Lego® bricks I was allowed to play with, I have always been fascinated with making an idea become reality. Since I was raised by a carpenter, houses seemed to be what those bricks predominately became, and soon after that I was designing homes on the drafting table, and watching them come to life in perspective drawings and models.  Now, with modern design software, and the experiences gained in the last 30+ years, T2 Home Services is born in 2017, offering services to those ready to play with their own set of blocks.
Mark D. Townsend - Owner