T2 Home Services

Wether you are buying, selling, renovatating, or just curious how your home  is doing,
​T2 Home Services has the services for you.

Serving N.E. Oregon

Home Inspections
T2 Home Services is an Oregon Certified Home Inspection Company.  When you are ready to sell or buy, or just wanting to know the condition of your home,, give us a call or drop us a note, and we will get you scheduled.  Click here to visit our Home Inspection Page for more information... 
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Home Design Services
Remodel Consulting Service
Specializing in Remodel Consultation and design, whether changing a room, or planning a complete home makeover, T2 can help bring your ideas to reality through 3D rendering, to a complete set of working plans.
Not sure where to start, or if your idea is even possible?    Since T2 Home Services is not affiliated with any outside construction firm, you are sure to get an unbiased opinion of how to proceed with your project.
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