Scary Home Inspector Stories

Stories for Inspector Pro Insurance's Contest

Read the winning stories, including runners-up and last year’s top picks, below.

1st Place: Scaredy Cat

By Tom Rees, A Closer Look Home Inspection, Utah

I was inspecting a multi-unit building that was built on a crawl space. The crawl space ran under all of the units and, to get from one unit to the other, you had to go through a small opening in the common foundation wall between the units.

I was crawling through the last opening to inspect under the last unit when I became aware that something was staring at me. (READ MORE)

2nd Place: The Rug

By Bronson Anderson, Inspector Homes, Inc., Virginia

Three years ago, I was asked to inspect a home that was involved in a trust. The family wanted to know what was going on with the house before they put it on the market. The realtor involved said that the mother had died in the house a year earlier. The family had refused to enter the house, and they weren’t changing their position for the home inspection. I was inspecting on my own.

I inspected the exterior of the house, the second floor, the first floor, and then the basement. While I was in the basement, I clearly heard footsteps above me, walking from one end of the house to the other. (READ MORE)

3rd Place: The Staircase

By Scott Patterson, Trace Inspections, Tennessee

The time was mid-August and the year was 2002. I was inspecting an 1860 home in Crystal Springs, Mississippi that had been used as a command headquarters and, later, a hospital during the Civil War. The old home had been vacant for about 20 years and was pretty run down, with no power, no water, and plenty of critters. But my clients wanted to restore it into a bed and breakfast. (READ MORE)


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