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Additional Services Offered By 


Remodel Consulting

A home remodel project can seem very overwhelming, especially if you are not sure where to start.  When you schedule a remodel consultation with us, we will visit with you in your home, and listen to what you would like to happen.  Bringing our experience and resources to your project, we will work together to explore what is possible, and develop a plan to make your ideas become reality.  Being a trained and licensed contractor, T2 Home Services  is able to offer a completely professional consultation.

Remodel Design

Once you have determined the scope of your project, now it's time to get the details worked out and finalize a working plan.  Utilizing advanced construction design software, T2 is able to produce full color, 3D images, that will help you "see it before you do it"  Once all the details are finalized, working plan sets can be generated to help you, or your contractor bring all your ideas to life.


A Remodel Consultation by T2 Home Services is required for this service.  By being involved with your project from the start, we are better able to accurately ensure your project comes together in the way you want it.

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