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A Home Energy Score Report is available as a add-on service to your home inspection at a reduced rate.


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Why Home Energy Scores?

The Oregon Department of Energy's 2018 Biennial Energy Report took a deep dive into energy consumers in our state. Unfortunately, Oregon continues to see challenges faced by energy-burdened consumers.


An Oregonian is considered "energy burdened" when their household's energy-related expenditures exceed 6% of their income. In some Oregon counties, nearly half of the residents earning 200% or below the Federal Poverty Level are energy burdened.


Home energy scores can help consumers better understand a home's energy efficiency, and identify simple home improvements that can mean big savings for their energy bills.

From the 2018 Biennial Energy Report

Percentage of Oregon Households Considered Energy Burdened and Earning 200 Percent or Below Federal Poverty Level (read more in Chapter 7)

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